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The Craft Embassy is an award-winning bar and restaurant, specialising in craft beer, and situated upstairs at The Terrace with a sunny outlook over the river.

Sample Menu

Popcorn tofu - Buffalo sauce, pickled red onion, vegan ranch VE, GF, DF  18


Pulled beef tacos - corn salsa, avocado cream DF  22


Falafel and glazed beetroot salad - courgette, rocket, lime vinaigrette, dukkha VE, GF  25

Venison tenderloin - carrot puree, broccolini balsamic glazed beetroot, smoked garlic jus  42


Braised beef short rib - potato puree, honey roast carrot, broccolini, smoked tomato jus GF  42


Golden syrup pudding - butterscotch sauce, ginger nut ice cream, 18


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