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Chiwahwah is the very cool Mexican Cantina from restaurateur Tony Astle.  Modern twists of classic mexican food with great cocktails are set in a lush interior with great music, friendly staff and delicious food.

Sample Menu


Pork belly braised in beer, dark honey, banana leaf, with fire pineapple


Smoked beef rib, cumin onion, sour cream and spiced nuts

Chiwahwah’s famous Mexican fried chicken $18.8


Chilli beef with roasted sweet potato, sour cream, camomile, honey, and ground pepitas $19.2


Baby pork ribs marinated in onion, garlic and spices, slow cooked, fire grilled, lashed with sticky lime and slaw $29.5

Roasted cauliflower steak, pomegranite, herbs, garlic, and romesco salsa $13


Coconut mousse, corn, and almond crumble with mango sorbet $15.9


Phone (03) 925 9716

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